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We Challenge the Status Quo with Groundbreaking Technologies
We Challenge the Status Quo with Groundbreaking Technologies

Turnkey US Market Access:

Non-US companies frequently have trouble reaching US markets. Despite their success at home, products may be unappealing to Americans, manufacturing processes may not meet US regulations, the competition may not be well-understood, or any number of other barriers may arise. 5iTech has broad experience in fine-tuning technology products to US market needs. 5iTech can help clients:

  • Understand US markets and consumer behavior: Market research, Product benefit analysis, Competitor Analysis

  • Redesign product to fit US markets: Identify product weaknesses, Market-oriented re-engineering of products, Develop cost-effective solutions, Manage product re-design and implementation

  • Overcome regulatory barriers to market entry: Use 5iTech’s long experience to navigate e US regulatory and standards issues: Identify Health, Safety, Environmental, and Legal barriers to market entry, Develop and implement cost-effective strategies to achieve compliance

  • Negotiate strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, sales and distribution agreements: Competitive analysis, Develop market penetration strategy, Identify and negotiate with qualified partners and investors, Identify acquisition targets and guide transaction

  • Recruit personnel: Staff up your new operation: Executive staff, Operations and Production staff, Sales staff, Consultants, Partners

  • Build and manage sales operations for newly established US subsidiaries: Let 5iTech organize and staff a local sales organization, Determine requirements, Define operations, goals and quotas, incentives, Identify and hire qualified staff, Establish systems and procedures, Locally manage the operation